• Swing n’ Fling DuraFoam
    Swing n’ Fling DuraFoam

    Flies far for retrieval or tug of war games.

    Great to tug, shake chew and toss. Even floats in water. With no cover to chew off, it’s safer than a tennis ball.
  • Nina Ottosson Dog Tornado
    Nina Ottosson Dog Tornado
    Nina Ottosson Skill Level: 2 (medium) Original Dog Games! Fun and easy to use Watch your dog Learn! Also try Nina Ottosson Dog Miracle Puzzle!
  • “In Training” Give Me Space Vests
    “In Training” Give Me Space Vests
    'Give Me Space' vests are a great way to let people know that your nervous, anxious or reactive dog may need a little bit more room to feel secure.
  • Show Arm Band
    Show Arm Band
    Designed for use with either of the Black Dog Show Pockets - Single Sided, or Double Sided - each sold separately. The Show Arm Band is 25mm wide soft elastic and is adjustable with a clamp to hold it comfortably in place. Black Dog's Show Pockets (either Single or Double Sided) attach to the Arm Band along the Hook & Loop tape.